a. International Seminars
The international seminars, led by a stage manager in each school, every each year,
have the purpose of forming the team work (16 students, 4 students for each school).
The stage manager presents to the school community (1st cycle students) an artistic
work theme, associated methodology and work materials for the next Event (Creative
Residency & Performance Lab); he will start testing and shaping these artistic and
pedagogic materials by engaging in a dialogue with local students, whose language,
cultural heritage and memory will, naturally, impact his work proposal.
A group of local teachers and researchers will observe and register this process in order
to frame/contextualize the work of the stage manager, in the sense of defining and
capture several work topics for reflection, related to the conceptual framework of the
project: Artistic Responsibility.

2021-22 schedule:
ESADg 23-24 nov / ESMAE 25-26 nov / ESTC 11-12 dec / ENSATT fev.
participants: stage director + local teachers and researchers

b. Creative Residency + Performance Lab
Creative Residency: The stage manager will engage in a long-duration creative
residency (theatrical practice activity) with a group of 16 participant students.
Pedagogical theme, methodology and materials for direct work with the students, as
well as the definition of participant students’ group, were set in previous learning/
teaching/training activity – International Seminars.

2021-22 schedule:
ESTC – TNDMII, 2 may – 22 juin 2022
participants: stage manager + 16 students
Performance Labs: The research group conceives 4 different experiential laboratories
will take place and convoke the school community: teachers, students and alumni. Each
laboratory will be coordinated by a team of 1 or 2 research group member + 1 or 2
alumni invited, accompanied by teachers, and address a specific theatrical thematic –
image, text, space, theory – that directly links to the theatrical practice activity and
leads to practice-led research work on the annual research topic of Artistic

2021-22 schedule:
ESTC, 25-29 mai
Participants: research group: 1 researcher per theatre; 2 researchers per school + alumni,
with the colaboration of the stage manager + 16 students (Creative Residency); 1st, 2nd and
3rd cycle students / ESTC.

c. Audience Lab
Audience Labs: local theatre (and school) activity. Meetings and seminars whose main
proposition is to establish a path that leads spectators from an audience to a
participation standpoint. Each theatre, in collaboration with the school, appoints a local
artist to develop and implement a mediation/participation project based on the artistic
creation at the centre of Nós/Nous ARCHE project.
Participants: local members of the researcher group + 1 local artist